Do better, be better...You've been chosen to win! Have your best day yet-Coach LaMonte
Time to invest in YOU!

YOU are heading into the greatest moments of your life. Your life is waiting for your moment to shine!

YOU can no longer allow your past to have a voice in your future place...Silence your past and win back your today!

YOU are more than a stay at home mom...YOU are an active investor into the generation of tomorrow!
YOU are not a mistake...not a happenstance. YOU are created to live a big life with a big dream!
YOU can no longer blame anyone for any of the mistakes you have encounter. Playing the blame game will lead you no closer to the person you are intended to become!
YOU must redefine your definition of failure. Failure is not the end of you but the education for you. Without failure your continuance in a work or situation that should have ended would continue to bring you heartache!

The Mission...
Our mission is to awaken the sleeper, to speak life into the ears of the forgotten, to reenergize the dead or dormant dream and encourage the dreamer to dream again. We believe that many have forgot to live and have replaced life with routine…If we could speak a word that awakens, brings hope, and helps people to believe again, then people who desire the great for their lives will see life more fulfilled. We want people to get living again. It's not about Coach LaMonte…It's about each individual seeing their gift, knowing that God created them for this moment at this season to help people live their best life!

The Vision...
Our vision is to help others find their vision; their passion, the driving force behind the life they were destined to live. We believe there is creative purpose designed within every individual. Each person has a defining moment, a "Genesis Moment", when they choose the path that fits their created foundation. Life has taught our team many lessons. These lessons have garnered unprecedented experiences which have led our team to a new level of insight. My greatest desire: make every person better than how we found them; this is why we were created!
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Who is Coaching for?

  • People who are feeling "stuck", "bored", and "unmotivated"
  • People who are seeking personal development
  • People who are seeking more in life, better results
  • People who are looking to become entrepreneurs
  • People who are seeking to make a career transition
  • People who are seeking to make life transitions
  • People who wish to strengthen their relationships
  • People who are looking to create a greater work/life balance
  • People who are looking for deeper meaning in their lives
  • People who are ready to take their lives to a new spiritual level
  • People who have unresolved issues they are ready to confront
  • People who are seeking to make major health changes
  • People who are seeking ideas to improve personal behavior
  • People who are seeking a new exciting journey
  • People who feel they have gone as far as they can and need a push
  • People who sense a lost of identity and need a refresher
  • People who are aspiring to become top level executives
  • People who are looking to transform their overall life